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Domed Labels
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Domed labels are manufactured by dispensing a 2 part polyurethane over a custom imprinted label providing depth and dimension to your product. This look provides a very high end appearance with a special flare to enhance your products appearance.
Domed labels can be formed in a multitude of shapes required to conform with your logo or artwork. Domed labels are supplied with an aggressive adhesive that will last for years and provide durable product markings.

Domed labels are resistant to water which makes them a good solution for labeling whirlpool bath tubs, sinks, and granite countertops.

Boat manufacturers buy domed labels due to the label being resistant to saltwater. They can be used for personal watercraft decorating, waterski labeling
and any other products that are exposed to harsh environments.

Vending machine manufacturers use domed labels on machines that are exposed to all the elements. Domed labels are treated with ultraviolet resistant polyurethane that does not yellow., Copyright 2022 Site by Web Designs By Request